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Junk candies

It was not easy to decide whether we should call them ‘junk candies’ or ‘classic candies’!!

After debating back and forth, we figured that it would be more politically correct to use ‘classic candies’ as a euphemism, rather than advertising them as ‘junk candies’! Come on! Are you shocked? We are talking about all the nasty sweets we all grew up with and that most of us still like to eat occasionally!

We are talking about the bright colored junk stuff such as gummy cherries, raspberries or bananas, the chewy cola bottles or neon marshmallows, the overly sour candies which make you grimace, the wine gum smileys, the licorice cats and bears etc.

Whether we call them junk or classic, it does not matter! We are referring to the type of candies that you are better off not knowing the ingredients nor being educated about their manufacturing process!

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