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the limited options in quality sugar free candies

Candy Freaks opened its doors in the spring of 2012. Our main focus was placed on organic and natural candies which have become the flagship of our store.

Regrettably, we were unable to locate quality sugar-free organic candies aside from some breath mints and chewing gum.

Most of the sugar-free candies we offer are 100% natural but not organic. It appears that the leading manufacturers of organic sweets do not have an interest in providing healthier and less calorific products through sugar-free options.

We did come across a few organic candies sweetened with stevia but regrettably, in our opinion, although stevia is an acceptable sugar substitute from a health perspective, it does affect the taste of the end product. In other terms, the candies sweetened with stevia which we tasted were far from being the type of products which we would be proud to sell.

In the Natural Section of our store, we currently feature a whole selection of sugar-free candies sweetened with Maltitol, a polyol, or, in other terms, a sugar alcohol which can be considered a viable option for sugar substitute (we advise you to visit our FAQ section and read the answers to the following questions: What is a sugar alcohol? What is Maltitol? What is Xylitol?).

However, although Maltitol is safe for diabetic people, it does have a fairly high glycemic index in comparison to Xylitol. Regrettably, as of today, we have found almost no quality candies sweetened with Xylitol. What a shame considering that aside from a low glycemic index and low carb content, Xylitol is an anti-inflammatory which promotes dental health since it also acts as an antibacterial agent for the mouth.

Of course, there are tons of sugar-free candies from reputable manufacturers available on the marketplace. Regrettably, over 99% of all sugar-free options involve aspartame, saccharin or sucralose (not to be confused with sucrose) which are all artificial sugars poisons for the body!

On an ongoing basis, we are restlessly screening every continent in the hope to find small local manufacturers which might offer natural and/or organic sugar-free candies. For those reading this article who might know of a company making quality natural sugar-free candies, we invite you to contact Candy Freaks as soon as possible!

We are even considering developing our own line of sugar-free sweets in the future. However, such plan has been placed on the ‘back burner’ until 2015 since Candy Freaks is still in its phase of initial development: we need to finalize and launch the current projects we have undertaken (music, videos, furniture etc.) prior to getting involved as a candy manufacturer. Nevertheless, we have already included and budgeted sugar-free candy manufacturing in our overall business plan.

People are ready to pay twice the amount for organic products due to health reasons, but when it comes to organic candies, only sucrose-based products are available… it just does not make any sense!

In conclusion, even though we are proud to feature an extensive selection of sugar-free candies ranging from licorice to gummies and from hard candies to toffees, we are not yet satisfied with the collection of sugar-free sweets which we offer! Let’s consider our current collection as ‘work in progress’!



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