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what is gelatine and what is the difference between organic gelatine and gelatine found in other candies?

Gelatin is a translucent substance derived from collagen, a protein found in animal by-products (bones, skin, tendons, ligaments, feet etc.).

Mainly pigs and cows are being used to make gelatin.

The applications of gelatin are numerous: from the pharmaceutical industry to the world of photography, and from the food processing industry to paper manufacturing, gelatin is a valuable commodity.

Lots of people consider gelatin as to be disgusting mainly due to the nature of the animal parts which are being used (bones, skins….). However, in most cases, the same people are not aware that the medicines they are taking are packaged in capsules made from gelatin, nor do they realize that gelatin is also used to make yogurt, wine or lipstick!

The manufacturing of gelatin is a quite intricate and nasty process.

Firstly, animal parts are cut by gigantic chopping machines before being sprayed under high pressure water to get rid of debris. The bones and skin are then boiled to reduce the fat content before being roasted inside high-temperature industrial dryers.

After the roasting procedure comes the acid and alkaline treatment. The animal parts are now soaked for several days in acid baths to remove all the minerals and bacteria thus facilitating the release of collagen.

The pieces of bone, tissue and skin are loaded into extractors where they are boiled into distilled water resulting into a liquid containing gelatin. Such liquid is sterilized through flash heating. It then gets piped into filters which separate the gelatin from the liquid.

The gelatin is then dried before being pressed into sheets. Depending on its final application, the gelatin is powdered through a grinder.

Gelatin ends up to be a soluble, odorless and tasteless substance which is proven to contain a great deal of amino acids! Although many people despise the idea of gelatin, many others find it great when thinking that every part of the animal is being used. After all, it is not about eating animal skin nor bones, but rather about ingeniously extracting a very versatile protein!

However, there is junk gelatin and there is organic gelatin!

‘Junk gelatin’:

Let’s start with the pigs and the cows. We are talking about a product manufactured from the parts of sick chemically fed animals. Furthermore, extremely health hazardous chemicals are being used to break down the bacteria and minerals of the animal substance through the acid and alkaline process.

‘Organic gelatin’:

Organic gelatin is manufactured with animal parts coming from certified organic animals. Such animals have been fed organic foods and have been raised in most cases in a much better environment.

The collagen is released through a process of hydrolysis which consists of injecting a water molecule into a substance in order to break it apart. No highly chemically toxic process is required!

Organic gelatins are definitely better, cleaner and healthier than their junk counterpart



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