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About us

About Us

Candy Freaks is all about having options! We are the candy store offering the largest selection of self-service bulk organic candies in Europe! However, even though our main focus is placed on organic and natural, we do also offer an excellent choice of classic candies!

We believe that most of our clients strive for a healthier lifestyle and prefer quality organic candies, however, on a ‘special’ day, you might be in the mood for this ‘chemically-engineered-candy’ from your childhood… Candy Freaks is here to satisfy your ‘bad habits’ while trying to improve them through healthier and tastier options.

Candy Freaks has also become the first candy wholesaler and retailer committed to educating youngsters about the candy manufacturing world. Our educational approach is blunt, honest, transparent and sometimes shocking. Our goal is to influence the youth of today into developing better eating pattern through increased knowledge and consciousness.

What type of candies would you like to have? Classic? Natural? Organic? Sugar-free? Gelatin-free? Gluten-free? Dairy free? Vegetarian? Vegan friendly? Halal? Kosher? We have it all. 

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